Panoramic Photography

Photographing a large group of people is a specialty among professional photographers. It's far more complicated than taking a step backward and shouting out, "Say cheese!" The desired result is an image that shows everyone in the photo and all of them at roughly the same size. No one wants a panoramic photograph where the people in the back are significantly smaller than the people in the front. You want to see faces, to recognize group members.

That's what 25 years of experience does for your group. In a Class Photography panoramic photograph each group member is recognizable...each group member is proportionally the same size...and each group member is pictured at his photogenic best. That's because we go the extra mile.

The types of large groups we typically work with are:

  • Graduating classes
  • Entire schools
  • Family reunions
  • Class reunions

But we're aren't exclusively panoramic photographers

Our professional talents also extend to:

  • Proms and dances
  • Sports
  • Pre-schools
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